AdWords + Power BI Part 2 – Getting Google AdWords data into Power BI?

This is a continuation of the series “Adwords Analytics in PowerBI

At time of writing, having the option to connect directly to Adwords data via Power BI is not being considered by the PowerBI development team, but there are options, if you are willing to write your own custom connector as suggested here. Looked a bit scary for me 😉

We do currently have the option use data from Google Big Query in Power BI thought, so what if we were able to move data from Google Adwords to Big Query?

Everyone say hi to Google Adwords Transfers

In a nutshell this requires enabling the transfer to happen on both sides (Adwords & Big Query) and giving a specific user access to do it.

You need to add a payment method to cover storage costs with varies depending on the amount of campaigns you have. We had around 500 campaigns and lost month the storage costs was close to $2 (yes $2!).

So now you have a whole set of views and tables related to AdWords in Big Query.  How do I turn this into something I can use?

This is covered in my next post… Adwords + Power BI Part 3 – How do we make sure Adwords users trust our reporting in Power BI?

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